Monday, January 16, 2012

new blog

i'm not a very good blogger on here. sorry...

i've got a new blog on wordpress now where i update a lot more! and btw, i'm pregnant!!! :)))

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Xmas Tree 2011

My christmas spirit is back.  My whole life i used to really be all into Christmas then 2yrs ago i slowly didn't care for it...then last year it was so bad that i did not even bother putting up the tree and bought NO presents at all lol

But this year i am slowly getting back to my old self again.  For Kane's sake since he's at the age where he knows things and will actually enjoy opening presents.  So the tree has been lugged up from the basement and put together.  Took me quite a long time to put it together n spread each branch.  Now i'm pooped.  Gonna finish it another time.  baby

Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween 2011



Did somebody call 911??? LOLLLL gawd i'm so cheesy hahahah i was saying that all night on saturday when we went out LOLLL

so i ended up going out with my girlfriends on saturday night and it was ok. im not a big clubbing person and i need to be drunk to dance so in the beginning it wasn't that fun for me. i can drink so it takes me awhile to get buzzed (which sucks) so while all my girlfriends are on the dance floor dancing it up, i'm sitting in our little bottle service area in the back taking shots by myself LOLLL jk there were 2 other girls who hung out in the VIP section with me. but in the end i guess it all hit me and i did end up on the dance floor LOL it was a pretty fun night. i'd rather be home with my boys though, missed them so much :) i'll post the pics up later. it was fun seeing everyone dressed up though! the cutest costumes i seen were a group of guys n girls, they were dressed up as toy story. so there was a buzz lightyear, a woody, a jessie, etc. SO SO cute. the next morning i had a pretty bad hangover which sucked and made me regret going out like always hahah

so today is halloween. thank goodness it's not freezing cold or snowing! usually by halloween it's snowing here. so yay we are gonna try to take kane trick or treating tonight. i'm getting off work early today yayayaya! so hopefully kane will keep his costume on. we have a few for him. but knowing kane, he's not gonna wear any i swear. he won't even wanna go trick or treating. we'll see.

so kane's speech assessment went ok. he was horrible LOL he would not be himself, he was super shy with the lady. somehow he ended up crying and crying and wouldn't stop. so the lady said she would leave the room and observe from the 2 way mirror and listen in on headphones cuz the room was wired. so once she shut the door behind her, kane IMMEDIATELY stops crying and starts playing with the toys there. it was so funny. she observed us for awhile while we played with him and once she came back in he started to bawl again HAHAHA eventually he stopped but was still shy. soooooo she did not hear a word out of him but based on what i told her, she just said he qualifies for the early childhood learning programs (basically a school for kids with speech delay) but she's most concerned with his interacting with others skills. so to make long story short, i called a few of the schools that offer the early childhood programs and because it's already into the school year, all of them are full and they all said that at 2.5yrs old he is a little young still. they told me to get another assessment in march and see where kane is at and then register for the next sschool year in march. soooo i talked to the speech pathologist again and told her the deal so she suggested we attend play groups, etc. just to let kane interact with other kids his age more often to get him to be less shy. which sounds good to me. so we'll see. my little anti social baby! lol he's such a snob hahaha

work is slow today. thank goodness. i had such a hard time waking up. can't wait to go home early. 3 more hours left!!!!!! have a happy and safe halloween everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


i'm totally slacking today. i mean, usually i slack all the time but today i actually have stuff to do but i really don't feel like doing it so i'm not. buahahaha jk i'll probably get around to it later or tomorrow. i hate returning calls. hate ittttttt. ugh.

my boss just had to go on vacation when the iphone 4s came out. leaving me with more stuff to do than usual. wtf. i need a vacation after he gets back.

anyway so for once in my life i might be going out for halloween. my friends asked me to go and i might. i really really really cannot stand bars/clubs/whatever but i might go cuz i need to get out. i haven't been out in so long. they're all dressing up and i'm not about to go out and buy a costume just for that night so if i do go i'm gonna reuse my one costume that i have from before. it wasn't even for halloween it was for 'home' use HAHAHAHAH yeah so i'll be a typical slut cop if i do go. LOL i'd prefer something else to dress up as, like something funny and different because everyone and their mommas are cops but the cheapie in me is not gonna buy a costume just for that night. i was thnking of being a grecian goddess too (gonna be that when i go trick or treat with kane) but if i'm gonna go out the one time in my life i wanna look hot as hell and the cop costume will do that for sure. LOL ok enough about that

sooooooooo in preparation for that night (if i do go lol) ive been trying to eat super healthy to see if i can be 'less bloated' at least that day. cuz my costume is from years ago when i was smaller and i tried it on the other night and yeah. kinda snug now. lol soooo i said if i fit it good on that day i'll go out, if it's still tight i won't go out hahaha my friend (who owns a tailor shop) was like 'i'll add fabric to ur costume if i have to, you ARE coming out!' LOL so she might have to add some fabric for me haha today i had a sandwich with sundried turkey breast ham, mayo on one side only, lettuce and mustard. then i brought a salad to work too which im' gonna have later and also a banana and a mandarin orange. my brother just called and asked if i wanted food too. i'm soooooo tempted...i said i'd call him back. man i want food so bad but i need to eat light and healthy so i can fit into my slut cop costume!!! ugh FML

omg so 2 days ago when i was lifting kane up to wash his butt (i wash his butt everysingletime at home, i never use wipes unless i have to) and i friggin pulled my back. it was so freekin painful. i couldn't move at all. it hurt so much. 2 days later, it's still hurting. but at least now i can walk (but not straight) it's hard for me to get out of bed too and when i bend over to brush my teeth OMGGG pain. it's fine when i sit so thank goodness i can work but i can't bend and i can't stand/sit straight up. man i'm getting old. tonight is bowling night too, i don't think i can bowl tonight with my back all whacked. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! i love bowling!!!! :(((((( its ok i'm' kinda excited to go shopping instead while they all bowl hehehehe

hm what else. nothing really. still not preggo. boooo. but kinda good in a way cuz if i go out for haloween i'm gonna be drinking heavily.

kane's meeting with the speech pathologist in 2 days yay! so excited.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's soo cold now!! Summer is officially over and I'm super sad :(

The only thing I like about fall is that there is no sweating involved (I hate sweating) and I get to wear boots! I LOVE boots, what girl doesn't right!? :) so this morning I went to the basement and pulled out my favorite pair of over the knee boots. When I get home I have to pack away all my sandals n flip flops and pull out all my boots n winter gear.

I'm still wearing my summer tunics/dresses hehe but with tights and a cardigan n boots. I'm dreading the winter days cuz that's when I live in uggs and sweatpants everysingleday. BORING.

It's so freekin dead here at work and I'm so bored so I did my nails. I chopped my nails off cuz they were getting sooo long. I kind of like having short nails. Can type much faster lol

My nails match my tunic yay

Anyway nothing else has been up. Haven't really tried for another baby yet just cuz we've been so busy lately, should start soon lol I still haven't gotten my period yet it's been a little over a month since my miscarriage.

We have so many parties to go to in the next few weeks. So I'm gonna try eating super healthy and light for the next 2 weeks and see how it goes. U know how they say losing weight is mainly eating healthy n less and working out is to build metabolism and to tone. So since I highly doubt I'm gonna work out (hateeee it) I'm gonna try the eating healthy route. Lol we'll see!

Also, since I'm sooooo busy here at work haha I've been kinda planning my imaginary wedding. But shhh don't tell anyone yet haha it's wierd I've never ever wanted to get married or cared for it but lately I've been wanting to and my bf feels the same way. Wierd right. Well, he doesn't really care still but he's kinda open to it if I want to. Which is super odd lol. So...... I dunno. It's been almost 11 years with each other. We'll see. I want to have another baby next summer so if I get preggo can't have a wedding for sure. It'll be a destination wedding for sure if we have one. I'm thinking Cuba cuz that's our favorite place so far out of all the places we've been to (ie Mexico, Dominican republic, etc) and plus, that's where we made Kane so Cuba will always hold a special place in our hearts LOL

Lots been going on. Hopefully everything works out then I can share with u guys :). If it doesn't work out then :( I won't share lol

It's only 2pm Ahhhh 4 more hours to go. Soooooooooooooo bored. I love and hate my job!!! Lol

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

long time no write!

i just wanted to say im still here :) alot has happened this past month and i've just had no time to really sit down and write. i haven't been taking any pictures lately either so i have no pics to post.

2 weeks ago i miscarried. i found out i was pregnant in june and had a miscarriage on august 10, 2011. worst day/week of my life. long story short, we've been trying for a 2nd baby for 8 months and when we found out i was preggo, we were ESTATIC. beyond happy, wanted to tell the whole world. anyway things weren't right from the beginning. and so 2 weeks ago i miscarried. i was devastated. depressed. but thank God i am 110% better now, body is fully recovered and i'm so thankful for my health. things happen for a reason and i am ok with that. it's just sad cuz we wanted that baby so so bad. anyway my dr. gave me the ok to start trying again and boy are we~! hahaha wish us luck!

other than that just been working and trying to enjoy what's left of summer. i love living in canada and all but i hate how our summers are so short and our winters are so long.

i am really happy to say that after so long, i think i am finally in a really really good place. of course things can be better but so far, so good. i can see the light, i'm heading in the right direction. :) i wish i can say more, in time i think i can and i will.

hope everyone is well! <3

Friday, July 29, 2011


Happy Friday! It's long weekend this weekend too so yay!

I took yesterday off work heheh I'm such a bad worker. So Monday is a holiday, the office is closed. Then I work Tuesday, then I have Wednesday n Thursday off cuz I have doctor appointments and then work Friday then the weekend. So basically I only work 2 days next week! Yesssss! Hahaha I'm so bad.

Anyhow I'm at work and as usual bored as helllll. They all left for a lunch meeting and I'm stuck by myself. But they r bringing me back some Vietnamese! bun 3 mau (3 color vermicelli bowl) with extra fish sauce n hot sauce please n thanks!

5 days ago I painted my nails this wet n wild color I got on sale for $1! I bought a whole bunch of colors since it was only $1. I think regular price is only $1.88 but still hahahha

Im surprised it's pretty good! I've washed dishes, cleaned, helped out at the restaurant, etc and it still hasn't chipped much! Just the tips r wearing off a bit but that's normal and that happens when I use OPI or Essie or any other more pricey polishes. I'm impressed!

Here it is today 5 days later and my accessories of the day lol:

Love my chartreuse (grellow haha) scarf!

My summer bag is orange yay! Love it and my super comfy flat sandals :)

Love summer! Gotta enjoy it while we can it's gonna be over next month :((((

I brought a whole tub of cream cheese to work oink oink hahaha btw whipped cream cheese is the best thing everrrr!!!

Have a great weekend or long weekend to my fellow canadiens!!

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