Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's soo cold now!! Summer is officially over and I'm super sad :(

The only thing I like about fall is that there is no sweating involved (I hate sweating) and I get to wear boots! I LOVE boots, what girl doesn't right!? :) so this morning I went to the basement and pulled out my favorite pair of over the knee boots. When I get home I have to pack away all my sandals n flip flops and pull out all my boots n winter gear.

I'm still wearing my summer tunics/dresses hehe but with tights and a cardigan n boots. I'm dreading the winter days cuz that's when I live in uggs and sweatpants everysingleday. BORING.

It's so freekin dead here at work and I'm so bored so I did my nails. I chopped my nails off cuz they were getting sooo long. I kind of like having short nails. Can type much faster lol

My nails match my tunic yay

Anyway nothing else has been up. Haven't really tried for another baby yet just cuz we've been so busy lately, should start soon lol I still haven't gotten my period yet it's been a little over a month since my miscarriage.

We have so many parties to go to in the next few weeks. So I'm gonna try eating super healthy and light for the next 2 weeks and see how it goes. U know how they say losing weight is mainly eating healthy n less and working out is to build metabolism and to tone. So since I highly doubt I'm gonna work out (hateeee it) I'm gonna try the eating healthy route. Lol we'll see!

Also, since I'm sooooo busy here at work haha I've been kinda planning my imaginary wedding. But shhh don't tell anyone yet haha it's wierd I've never ever wanted to get married or cared for it but lately I've been wanting to and my bf feels the same way. Wierd right. Well, he doesn't really care still but he's kinda open to it if I want to. Which is super odd lol. So...... I dunno. It's been almost 11 years with each other. We'll see. I want to have another baby next summer so if I get preggo can't have a wedding for sure. It'll be a destination wedding for sure if we have one. I'm thinking Cuba cuz that's our favorite place so far out of all the places we've been to (ie Mexico, Dominican republic, etc) and plus, that's where we made Kane so Cuba will always hold a special place in our hearts LOL

Lots been going on. Hopefully everything works out then I can share with u guys :). If it doesn't work out then :( I won't share lol

It's only 2pm Ahhhh 4 more hours to go. Soooooooooooooo bored. I love and hate my job!!! Lol

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  1. Girl I can't wait til it gets colder over where I'm at!! Summers here are gross lol & I can't wait til I wear my boots too. What polish is that btw? I'm such a sucker for baby pink nails.

  2. I can't wait to bust out winter boots, autumn is by far my favorite time of the year! After having a baby, I just can't handle the summer heat like I used too ... :(

    A WEDDING?!?!?
    Ohh.. how exciting. 11 years together is a really long time, either way, wedding or no wedding just enjoy each other, especially if and when you guys start again for baby #2.

  3. I just tweeted the other day that I was excited it was boot season! I'm glad to see someone else as excited as me

  4. @TheLipJunkie - i bet ur winters aren't full of snow and -30 weather! :D the nail polish is wet n wild! $1! heheh i forget the name but it's the only baby pink nail polish they have i think.

    @momma j lee - true. i don't know if this 'wedding' is ever going to happen but it's fun planning it in the meantime just in case LOLLLL

    @adthenshesmiled - hehehe i know right! boots are so sexy~~ who doesn't love boots right :D