Tuesday, October 18, 2011


i'm totally slacking today. i mean, usually i slack all the time but today i actually have stuff to do but i really don't feel like doing it so i'm not. buahahaha jk i'll probably get around to it later or tomorrow. i hate returning calls. hate ittttttt. ugh.

my boss just had to go on vacation when the iphone 4s came out. leaving me with more stuff to do than usual. wtf. i need a vacation after he gets back.

anyway so for once in my life i might be going out for halloween. my friends asked me to go and i might. i really really really cannot stand bars/clubs/whatever but i might go cuz i need to get out. i haven't been out in so long. they're all dressing up and i'm not about to go out and buy a costume just for that night so if i do go i'm gonna reuse my one costume that i have from before. it wasn't even for halloween it was for 'home' use HAHAHAHAH yeah so i'll be a typical slut cop if i do go. LOL i'd prefer something else to dress up as, like something funny and different because everyone and their mommas are cops but the cheapie in me is not gonna buy a costume just for that night. i was thnking of being a grecian goddess too (gonna be that when i go trick or treat with kane) but if i'm gonna go out the one time in my life i wanna look hot as hell and the cop costume will do that for sure. LOL ok enough about that

sooooooooo in preparation for that night (if i do go lol) ive been trying to eat super healthy to see if i can be 'less bloated' at least that day. cuz my costume is from years ago when i was smaller and i tried it on the other night and yeah. kinda snug now. lol soooo i said if i fit it good on that day i'll go out, if it's still tight i won't go out hahaha my friend (who owns a tailor shop) was like 'i'll add fabric to ur costume if i have to, you ARE coming out!' LOL so she might have to add some fabric for me haha today i had a sandwich with sundried turkey breast ham, mayo on one side only, lettuce and mustard. then i brought a salad to work too which im' gonna have later and also a banana and a mandarin orange. my brother just called and asked if i wanted food too. i'm soooooo tempted...i said i'd call him back. man i want food so bad but i need to eat light and healthy so i can fit into my slut cop costume!!! ugh FML

omg so 2 days ago when i was lifting kane up to wash his butt (i wash his butt everysingletime at home, i never use wipes unless i have to) and i friggin pulled my back. it was so freekin painful. i couldn't move at all. it hurt so much. 2 days later, it's still hurting. but at least now i can walk (but not straight) it's hard for me to get out of bed too and when i bend over to brush my teeth OMGGG pain. it's fine when i sit so thank goodness i can work but i can't bend and i can't stand/sit straight up. man i'm getting old. tonight is bowling night too, i don't think i can bowl tonight with my back all whacked. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! i love bowling!!!! :(((((( its ok i'm' kinda excited to go shopping instead while they all bowl hehehehe

hm what else. nothing really. still not preggo. boooo. but kinda good in a way cuz if i go out for haloween i'm gonna be drinking heavily.

kane's meeting with the speech pathologist in 2 days yay! so excited.



  1. wow...u wash his butt everytime?? i always use wipes - bad me! i hope your back feels better soon!

    "home costume" I like that :)
    i wanna see this slut cop costume. we're getting dressed up this year too but not sure what we're going as.

  2. thanks jenn! my back is back to normal now thank goodness. hope it never happens again. everyone has their own way right! my mom has always washed our butts and she taught me that right from the start so i'm used to it hehe sucky thing is, my hands are so so dry from washing my hands so much.

    awww i can't wait to see ur costumes! hopefully the weather here will be nice enough to bring kane trick or treating outdoors. my slut costume is not so slutty now compared to what my friends are going as. i guess i'm just conservative lol