Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween 2011



Did somebody call 911??? LOLLLL gawd i'm so cheesy hahahah i was saying that all night on saturday when we went out LOLLL

so i ended up going out with my girlfriends on saturday night and it was ok. im not a big clubbing person and i need to be drunk to dance so in the beginning it wasn't that fun for me. i can drink so it takes me awhile to get buzzed (which sucks) so while all my girlfriends are on the dance floor dancing it up, i'm sitting in our little bottle service area in the back taking shots by myself LOLLL jk there were 2 other girls who hung out in the VIP section with me. but in the end i guess it all hit me and i did end up on the dance floor LOL it was a pretty fun night. i'd rather be home with my boys though, missed them so much :) i'll post the pics up later. it was fun seeing everyone dressed up though! the cutest costumes i seen were a group of guys n girls, they were dressed up as toy story. so there was a buzz lightyear, a woody, a jessie, etc. SO SO cute. the next morning i had a pretty bad hangover which sucked and made me regret going out like always hahah

so today is halloween. thank goodness it's not freezing cold or snowing! usually by halloween it's snowing here. so yay we are gonna try to take kane trick or treating tonight. i'm getting off work early today yayayaya! so hopefully kane will keep his costume on. we have a few for him. but knowing kane, he's not gonna wear any i swear. he won't even wanna go trick or treating. we'll see.

so kane's speech assessment went ok. he was horrible LOL he would not be himself, he was super shy with the lady. somehow he ended up crying and crying and wouldn't stop. so the lady said she would leave the room and observe from the 2 way mirror and listen in on headphones cuz the room was wired. so once she shut the door behind her, kane IMMEDIATELY stops crying and starts playing with the toys there. it was so funny. she observed us for awhile while we played with him and once she came back in he started to bawl again HAHAHA eventually he stopped but was still shy. soooooo she did not hear a word out of him but based on what i told her, she just said he qualifies for the early childhood learning programs (basically a school for kids with speech delay) but she's most concerned with his interacting with others skills. so to make long story short, i called a few of the schools that offer the early childhood programs and because it's already into the school year, all of them are full and they all said that at 2.5yrs old he is a little young still. they told me to get another assessment in march and see where kane is at and then register for the next sschool year in march. soooo i talked to the speech pathologist again and told her the deal so she suggested we attend play groups, etc. just to let kane interact with other kids his age more often to get him to be less shy. which sounds good to me. so we'll see. my little anti social baby! lol he's such a snob hahaha

work is slow today. thank goodness. i had such a hard time waking up. can't wait to go home early. 3 more hours left!!!!!! have a happy and safe halloween everyone!!!

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