Friday, July 29, 2011


Happy Friday! It's long weekend this weekend too so yay!

I took yesterday off work heheh I'm such a bad worker. So Monday is a holiday, the office is closed. Then I work Tuesday, then I have Wednesday n Thursday off cuz I have doctor appointments and then work Friday then the weekend. So basically I only work 2 days next week! Yesssss! Hahaha I'm so bad.

Anyhow I'm at work and as usual bored as helllll. They all left for a lunch meeting and I'm stuck by myself. But they r bringing me back some Vietnamese! bun 3 mau (3 color vermicelli bowl) with extra fish sauce n hot sauce please n thanks!

5 days ago I painted my nails this wet n wild color I got on sale for $1! I bought a whole bunch of colors since it was only $1. I think regular price is only $1.88 but still hahahha

Im surprised it's pretty good! I've washed dishes, cleaned, helped out at the restaurant, etc and it still hasn't chipped much! Just the tips r wearing off a bit but that's normal and that happens when I use OPI or Essie or any other more pricey polishes. I'm impressed!

Here it is today 5 days later and my accessories of the day lol:

Love my chartreuse (grellow haha) scarf!

My summer bag is orange yay! Love it and my super comfy flat sandals :)

Love summer! Gotta enjoy it while we can it's gonna be over next month :((((

I brought a whole tub of cream cheese to work oink oink hahaha btw whipped cream cheese is the best thing everrrr!!!

Have a great weekend or long weekend to my fellow canadiens!!

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