Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Capital Ex 2011

This weekend we went to Capital Ex. It's a carnival/fair that comes every summer for 10 days.

Sooooo much cute stuff this year!!!

Kane's daddy n cousin won this domo for him. They had to win 4 times to keep trading up their prizes to get this prize. So cute!!

Mini donuts yummm! I didn't take pics of all the food but believe me I ate to my hearts content! Lol it was soooooo good I love carnival food! <3

Roasted corn with butter n salt mmmmmm

My nephew playing the water gun game. This one was fun u have to hit 3 different targets that light up randomly.

Kane loved this ball game!

Kane's currently in love with his havainnas. He wears em all over at home in his diapers lol he used to only wanna wear his crocs but not anymore! Lol

Someone has fat feet n toes! :D

Happy tuesday! I'm currently at work and thisclose to falling asleep. It's raining and super gloomy today. Booooo

Gonna get some lunch soon. probably Vietnamese subs today.


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  1. omg kane is sooo cute! i'm loving his flip flops and mini donuts are my weakness! looks like a great time :)

  2. Aww looks like the family had so much fun especially Kane. Yay for his domo kunm he looks so happy toting it around, and the flip flops...so cute!