Sunday, June 12, 2011


Summer's finally here! It's officially hot now where we live. Yayayayay! I finally put out all our deck furniture. I love being on the deck, having bbq's, enjoying every breath we can until the brutal winter hits again. :D

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my outdoor daybed. I've taken many naps on this thing throughout the years. :) feels so good sleeping with a breeze. I try to change my pillow color schemes every few years but tend to always go for blues n grays. Like everything else in my house lol

Kane dazed in space hahaha I told him to look at mommy and smile and this is what he gave me hahaha that boy is a character!

His Ugly face

Out partially done backyard. I hate landscaping!

Today I worked dinner time. Was fun because it wasn't crazy busy but I still got good tips. The other day was super crazy busy I was running my ass off n sweating a storm but only got a bit more tip $ than today. I much prefer days like today :D
This little boy who's family always comes in refers to me as 'the girl with the big earrings' LOL so cute. What can I say, I love my bigass earrings! Hahaha this other lady came in on my day off the other day and asked for 'the girl with the lashes' hahahah cuz me n her had an intense conversation about fake lashes the first time she came in. She was like I lovvve ur lashes I was like thanks they're fake then she was like mine too! Hahaha then we started talking about makeup for forever lol she was so cute this olddd lady who loves makeup.

Anyhoo gotta bathe Kane now!

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  1. The patio looks great!! Enjoy it and the hot weather cuz we definitely don't get enough of the heat.

  2. thanks j~! i heard it was super hot over there?
    i jinxed it by bringing out my patio furniture cuz now it's cloudy n rainy here lol :(