Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day off

Yesterday was my day off. My boyfriend went golfing all morning and afternoon so it was just mommy n Kane. Sooo I brought him shopping! Hahah I wanted to check out the goodwill right by my house for house stuff so that's where we went. I've never been to a thrift store before so I didn't know what to expect really but I did find some goodies!!! I will definately be a regular there now since it's only minutes away from my house :)))))

Can't really see in this pic but I scored 2 black vases. They're huge and black and in perfect condition. I was soooo happy I got them while the girl was putting them out. All the ladies there were super jealous I got them muahahahah they match my house decor perfectly. So super happy with these heheh. I got the left one for $9.99 and the right one for $6.99. Kinda expensive for thrift store in my opinion but so worth it. :)

Then I found this silver tray, it has pretty print on it but u can't really see in the pic but it's there! Lol I plan to put candles or jewellery on here or something. Anyway it was $0.99 and I was like WHA!!?? So cheap!?!! Then at the till I found out it was orange tag sale day so all orange tag stuff was 50% off so I got this tray for $0.50! Yay!!!

This has got to be my most favorite find though. I instantly fell in love with the gold trim white bangle. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite color combo is white n gold. This baby was only $1.99. WTF. Can't find that anywhere :D

Then I seen the faux gold chain and it was $2.99 so I got it as well :) it's really heavy n made nicely so ut was worth it even though I thought 2.99 was a lol steep hahaha

The black left bracelet I got was only $0.99 so I thought why not! Lol and the big grey one was so beautiful it's like a marble-y stone but at $4.99 I was like hell no! Hahah then the lady whispered 'i'll give it to u for 99 cents' I was like sure I'll take it!!! Hahaha yay!

So yup that was my first thrift store experience. Definitely won't be my last! :)

Kane left a mess for me while I was showering lol

Then daddy came home and we went swimming. Kane lovesss swimming.

He's so used to cam whoring with his momma lol

I made mapo tofu the other night. Love me some good chinese comfort food late at night!

Anyways at work right now and it's sooooooooo dead. Everyones at home watching the hockey game. Gooooooo CANUCKS!!!!

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