Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day off

Today was my day off again so we went shopping! Maybe I shouldn't have days off Lol went to check out H&M's summer sale. Most things were $7 or $10. It was so crazy busy in there, the lineups for the change rooms were crazy long. So I stood in front of a mirror and began trying my clothes on top of my clothes. Shorts over my pants, the whole shebang hahaha after looking thru a few sections I gave up. My head hurt. But I dis find some goodies! And a shirt for Kane too :) I got 6 items for $52.45. Not too bad!

Happy Father's Day!!! After shopping my brothers n I met up for dinner with my dad at this yummy Chinese restaurant. I got him a new Hugo boss cap (he loves Hugo boss) and a Hugo boss belt. And pitched in for dinner. Too bad my momma n my little bro wasn't here too. :(

Tomorrow I have to work at 3pm but I definitely have a surprise my baby daddy!!! Lol he's been such a good daddy to Kane, we love him soooooo much <3 <3 <3

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