Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hair color

I colored my hair the other night using drugstore dye. I either like super dark hair or super light hair (on myself). My hair was getting nasty with red/brown tint so I was desperate. I went to walmart n got nice n easy's 'natural blue black' one box was good enough since I only wanted the top layer of my head colored I didn't care about the bottom since my hair was already dark. Anyway I LOVE it! Hope it doesn't fade too fast.

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  1. love the color!
    btw - i agree, really light and really dark both look great on you.

  2. You look Lovely! I always think jet black hair and light asian skin is gorgeous ;)

  3. U should try Revlon's ColorSilk hair dyes next time :) They're my fav when I wanna go dark - natural color & I kid you not, they don't fade (they're super dark of course the 1st week tho, but they lighten up to the shade on the box).