Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Tuesdays

Our Tuesday (yesterday)....

We gave Kane a haircut in the morning. Actually I just held him in the bathtub while his daddy cut his hair. Kane cried n cried all while watching toopy & binoo on YouTube on the iPhone. Daddy did a pretty good job.

Then we went to gramma n grandpa Le's for lunch. After that we went to the salon so daddy could get his haircut. I also asked our stylist to fix kanes hair and he did while my bf was carrying Kane and me n the stylist was holding kanes head down LOL what a sight! Hahah it was hilarious and torture for Kane. Luckily he didn't have to fix much so it only took a couple of minutes. Whew!

Then off to the mall we went. Tuesdays we go bowling so since we were up early we decided to go the mall early and bring Kane to the amusement park in there.

Kane went on the baby rides and played in the big play area for kids and went on the choo choo train about 10 times! Lol He loved it! Kids 2 and under are free so as usual we brought him on alot of rides a million times haha

Then we walked around the mall n shopped a bit. I went shopping while Kane n his daddy watched ppl swim in the waterpark.

Shopping was good, Spring stuff is sooooo pretty! I bought alot of cute stuff even though it's still
-30 degrees out. Lol. Can't wait till the snow melts ughh

Favorite bubble tea ever is passion fruit w/ green tea and tapioca balls. I like avocado n taro flavor too but my fav is passion fruit.

Then we ate in the food court (I had taco time mmmm)

After that we met up with everyone at the bowling alley in the mall and bowled 7 games! Lol we love bowling! I Bowled my highest ever and the highest score of the night. 167!!! Yeah! Lol. Free bowling and free food/drinks. What a great day! Lol

That's our typical Tuesday! Minus the haircuts hehe

It's 9:55am right now and we r at the in laws again eating pho. I think today I'll go shopping some more (want more spring stuff!) and bring Kane swimming after.

Have a great day!

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  1. His haircut is nice and edgy! lol I love it! :) Great work!

  2. Awh! He looks so cute! Great job on the cut!
    Tamera xo

  3. He looks like a little superstar! Love your scarf btw!

  4. Thanks guys! Hehehe his dad will be happy to hear this lol my inspiration for kanes haircut was from the hongkong celebrities! Hahah so yay achieved! Thanks Sylvia babe :)))

  5. Omg, your little boy is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! His haircut is really cute and fitting!!