Sunday, February 27, 2011

iPhone pics

Obsessed with fresh oysters... The seafood guy knows me by name hehe

Typical night at home. Sushi, a bottle of sake, and a movie. nothing beats this! :)

Goofing around with mommy <3
Kane looks like he has a toupee/combover hahah he needs a haircut bad but we are hesitant cuz he cries like he's getting tortured at every haircut. Cries like we've never seen. It gets real bad. So now we dunno what to do lol

Nails of the week. Something pink n girly n fun. I love my glitters! Lol next week I'm going to try some 3d flowers n gems I think. Time to move up! Haha

My nail set-up. Being a momma, I have to wait till Kane is asleep for the night to do my nails. Not even nap time anymore because he doesn't nap! Wah!!! I loved nap times :( even when he does nap (which is very rare maybe once a week) I can't do my nails because he can nap from 10min - 2 hours. I love doing my nails though..I think nails finish the whole look. Something about nice clean painted nails makes a girl look polished. :)

Every Friday is gym day. My bf and all his brothers and their friends rent a school gym and play basketball for 3 hours. So all the wives, girlfriends and alll the kiddies go and play in the adjoining smaller gym. It's alot of kids so alot of fun for Kane to see n play with his cousins.

Cousin tiana! Kane loves to play with Tiana cuz she is the youngest after Kane.

Partial outfit of the day lol I was playing around with my phone.

Shoes of the day: mommy's over the knee boots and kane's uggs (and pajama pants hehe)

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  1. Hello beautiful! Your son looks so adorable! Just like his mama! Btw, I love your nails! They are super cute!

  2. oysters again - i'm so jealous!
    haha.. love how cute you two are!
    so muggs are man uggs ... baby boy uggs bbuggs?? LOL

  3. Really pretty nails! Oh and food... *drools