Friday, February 25, 2011

Random update

Nothing much has been going on... So depressing when you still have 3+ feet if snow outside and it's STILL -20 something degrees celsius outside. It's almost march dammit!!!! I hate Canadian winters! Not too bad if it only lasts 2-3 months but noooo we have it for a good half a year! I'm so done with winter! #€\*!?=+!!!!!

Kane hates winter too!

Our deck full of snow, we thought it was gonna collapse so I made my bf shovel it lol

Kane is getting so big, so fast. He's now almost 27 months! Getting super annoying and super hard to take care of too. He always needs me there with him even if he's just watching tv or playing. That means I can't really do anything but go on my iPhone. No tv either cuz he hogs it. Boy is demanding! If I sneak off he'll either drop to the floor and cry his a** off or he'll come find me and pull me by my shirt or hand and pull me to the living room couch. He is super strong and stubborn and persistent. So frustrating n annoying but so cute too hahaa *sigh*

Angry Kane.

Kane at his 2 year checkup. Happy and healthy boy! :)

I'm thinking of coloring my hair. I love black hair but I've had it for so long that I'm getting bored. But I know if I color it lighter I'll just go back to black soon after and that'll just damage my hair even more. But I'm so sick of dark hair! Ah! Lol I just think this cold depressing weather is getting to me. My skin is looking better than ever lately because I've been using lots of cream highlighters muahahha it's just an illusion but I love it! Lol

My brothers girlfriend is 37 months pregnant! My baby niece will be arriving anytime next month! :) I'm so excited. She will be the 2nd niece in the family. We only have one niece right now and that's Emma who is now 6 yrs old! So fast!

Kane is sick :( getting better but still sick. I hate it when I can't do anything to fix it. So sad to see my baby breathe through his mouth cuz his nose is so congested :(

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  1. poor kane - i hope he feels better soon!
    and you look fantastic, i highly recommend you go blonde, like in that fake photo thing you did with blonde hair - platium blonde! you looked hawt and if you can pull it off (which you can) i say go for it!!! :)

  2. i think you mean she's 37 weeks? not months? lol, and yea we still have a lot of snow here too... what a bummer.

  3. Just looking at the snow pictures makes me cold but your son is so cute and I hope he feels better.

    I like the dark hair on you and it really suits you but I know sometimes we all just feel a change would be nice.

  4. Hey babe! What a bummer that you guys have sooo much snow still but at least it looks like a winter wonderland over there, ha! I hope Kane gets better soon, everybody including I got sick lately...ugh. Anyway, you look gorgeous and your skin is unbelievable- share some product care and makeup secrets woman!!

    p.s. your comment totally made me =] , thanks <3

  5. Jenn- I wanna go blonde so bad! But I'm scared my hair is gonna fall off from over processing lol and the upkeep is gonna be a pain. We'll see though, maybe near summertime I will go lighter. Not blonde but lighter maybe. Right now I sit at home all day everyday, so depressing! Lol

    Cindy- oops! Hahahahhaha 37 months!? Damn she has an adult in her tummy right now hahahha. Thanks for the correction lol. I bet it's colder here than where u are! :(

    Che- thanks babe he is getting better. Still runny nose n coughing but much better :)

    Sylvia- I'll trade winter wonderland for anything right now! :( and thanks bub Kane is getting better thank goodness. I don't have any secrets but thank you! :). U totally made my day heheh and it's true! I love all ur OOTDs and ur hair n ur makeup n everything! U should post everyday! Lol