Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beauty, notw

So I finally went n picked up my Sephora Beauty Insider VIB birthday gift. I was so happy this year's gift was from Philisophy. I love Philosophy! Especially their Purity cleanser which I've been using for years.

It's Huge!!! I wasn't expecting it to be so big! Very generous! And it smells delicious (if u like vanilla) I love Sephora! I love free stuff even more! Lol

So I was sitting at my vanity and looking around my stuff and decided to depot my MAC Hello Kitty beauty powder so that I can depot my blot powder and put that in the Hello Kitty compact. So easy to do!

So now when I'm out and I pull out my powder compact to powder my nose I'll look like this!

Hahaha! Super cute! Much better than the regular blot powder compact huh :D

I bought the Hello Kitty beauty powder compact specifically for this reason cuz it has a mirror and I don't even use beauty powder anyway so yay I finally did it!

Nail of the week. I just love gold glitter!!!

So tired. I'm getting sick too. Sore throat (the worst) and my boogers are dripping uncontrollably. U know the super wet ones like drips of water? Yeah those. I hate it. And my nose area is all red n dry from Kleenex rubs :( ugh hate it. Hope I don't get my Kane Le sick. Bowling was fun but tiring, I scored my highest ever today: 140! Yay!

Gonna hit the sack now, nite!

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  1. The gold glitter looks so great! I didn't know Sephora gives birthday gifts. That's such a great and generous idea!
    Tamera xo

    P.S. I posted my first giveaway, so swing by and enter if you want!!!

  2. The sephora Bday gift is huge, nice!

    Also it's cool you were able make your HK compact more usable by customizing it with something you want and cute nails, sparkly is always nice.

  3. Good idea w/the compact!!! :) It's adorable! I have the lipstick but too bad I can't "depot" them!