Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!
Me n bf don't do Valentine's so it was just a normal day for us except we said 'Happy Valentine's Day!' to each other when we woke up haha I think the only time we ever ever celebrated was the first year we started dating. And that's it. I love and hate flowers. love them for my home and that's it. I never liked recieving flowers, i always asked for something else instead like take me out to eat haha I hate roses, my fav are tulips. Anyways to those who celebrate, hope u guys had an awesome day/night! XXX! Hahaha ^_^

Yesterday my brother treated us to dinner at Japanese Village. It's one of those places where u sit in a u-shape and u get ur own chef n he cooks ur food in front of u n puts on a show for u. Is there a term for this kinda restaurant? Lol. We all had the lobster and filet Mignon. The meal starts off with soup, salad, main entree, ice cream desert then a cup of hot green tea to wash it all down. Kinda like a combo lol. I think it was $45 a person. It was yummy and lots of fun. I especially love the sesame sauce.

Continuing with our Japanese eating frenzy (im telling ya, we're obsessed! Haha) I tried making katsu-don for the first time at home. Minus the egg.

Pounded some pork chops, washed them in flour, a beaten egg, and Panko bread crumbs and deep fried in oil. Top with kikoman's katsu sauce in a bottle and some veggies n voila!

It was pretty good but I still like my pork chop Vietnamese (com suon) lemongrass style better. Was fun to try though!

Man been eating too much lately. can't help it food is sooo good! Lol tomorrow is Tuesday yay! That means bowling day! The best part about biwling is the food. From 5-7pm everything on the menu is $3.99! We always go crazy n order everything on the menu. Bad for u food but so yummy! Hahha and whoever gets a strike everyone has to drink and loser of every frame drinks; drunk bowling is always fun :)

And shopping! I forgot to get my free sephora birthday pressie last week so I have to get it tomorrow while we're at the mall. I want to go look for more spring clothes too.

4:11am, better head to bed before I can't wake up tomorrow. Night!

P.s. I am loving my new iPhone 4!!! It's so much faster than my old 3GS and brighter n clearer and the camera is soooo good n clear. Best part is I can take pics of myself easily just looking at the screen w/out turning the camera around! Hahaha

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  1. "Is there a term for this kinda restaurant?"

    hahaha... it's teppanyaki!

  2. Ah yes! Teppanyaki! Hahhaah thanks jenn! U learn something new everyday! LOL