Friday, February 11, 2011

We've been on a Japanese food making frenzy. Lol. Tonights late night snacks:

Fresh raw oysters with lemon juice, ponzu sauce & tobasco. Delicious! One of our favorite appies for sure.

Tuna Tataki w/ ponzu sauce. Also one of our favs along with beef tataki.

Our humungo burrito California handcones lol

I love it when my bf cooks for me! The only time he cooks is when it's seafood dishes/snacks/drinking food/appies.

Anyhoo so my period finally came the other day. Booo. Not preggo. After 3 months of being late it decides to come. Thanks. Luckily I didn't go see my doctor yet. But thanks for wasting 20 home pregnancy tests stupid period. Haha. I guess I was just really stressed or something and didn't know it? Lol

So we, well, I've decided not to try for another baby yet. Firstly, I've always wanted a summer baby (preferably august? Lol) and i want to have the baby next year instead of this year because next year is year of the dragon in Chinese zodiac. this year is rabbit which is good too but dragon is better and dragons get along the most with monkey and rat which is coincidentally what my boyfriend (monkey) and Kane (rat) are! Isn't that wired and so meant to be?! Lol I'm quite superstitious (blame the Chinese in me!) haha so yeah that would be so awesome to have them all get along so well. I'll just be the odd one out in the family :( hahah Yup. So that is the plan. Well the whole having the baby in the summer thing is not really that that important to me. So I guess having the baby anytime after february of 2012 is fine with me lol we will start trying again maybe this summer.

So in the meantime no more sex everyday hahaha and that means I am gonna start working out/eating healthy for the summer so I can at least wear some skanky clothes before I get preggo!
(Hopefully I can get preggo easily..seems so hard now ugh)

Nothing else is new. Just hoping this snow will go away SOON. I am done with winter!!! Ughhh

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