Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long time no write!

Hi! :))) long time no write!

I've been super busy lately. I'm working!!! Yikes! Hahaha

I've been fortunate enough to not have to work my whole 29 years of life. I had a job before when I was 14-15 working at Club Monaco. I was really into their clothes back then (hello remember the famous round logo sweatshirts?! Loll) anyway so I got a job there because I wanted the 40% off discount so Iworked there 1-2 times a week for 4 years lol and that's my employment history haha

Anyhoo my bf's brother n his wife opened a new Vietnamese restaurant and they needed servers so here I am. It's pretty awesome cuz my bf and Kane come out almost everyday I work so I get to see them all the time still and we get free lunch and dinner and sometimes takeout lol I work with all family so it's super chill and fun. The tips are awesome when it's busy and the ppl are super super nice (so far lol) I still rather not work but if it's for helping family out then it's ok. for now. Hahah nice to get out of the house though and get extra $$$$$ for shopping! Yay! that's always good! :)))

Other than that I've been up to nothinggg. No time to shop or do anything. Just busy chasin' that paper hahahaha I've always wanted to say that lol

Kane is 2.5 years old now! Still not speaking sentences but learning new words everyday. I'll wait till this fall/winter to see if I will bring him to a speech pathologist. His pediatrician said I shouldnt be concerned till he's 3.

No time to do my nails or anything anymore :( booo I just do simple neutral colors now. Borringggg

Hope everyone is well!!!! <3

Pic of the restaurant. So dead right now. Waiting for dinner rush.

Nails of the week and free Vietnamese iced coffee all day everydayyyy lol

Kane holding hands with his baby cousin jordyn :))))

He lovessssss his corn!!!

Loves his walks too :)

I usually view blogs on my iPhone thru the mobile rss app thingie and I don't know how to comment on that thing yet?? So I do read everyones posts but I don't know how to comment on that app yet!?

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  1. wow... 29 yrs and never worked, i'm impressed and a bit jealous! LOL
    I can't believe how big Kane is now. Don't worry about his speech. My nephew didn't say anything till he was about 2.5 and then by 3yrs he can't stop talking! Everyone picks it up at their own time.

  2. Chase that paper and shop til you drop girrrl. ;) The neutral nails are NOT boring, it still looks great.

  3. so sweet ;-)