Sunday, April 3, 2011

can't sleep

i'm still not really sure how to use blogger! is there a way for me to get comments emailed to me??? alot of times i don't even realize i have comments until i manually click on my post to see comments. i'm so used to livejournal still. and when i reply to comments i can't reply to that one individual comment? i have to post a comment as a reply?? how do people know if i replied to them or not? *sigh* my little brain is not functioning right now at 7:05am. i still haven't slept yet! hahaha can't sleep. i'm tired but i just can't fall asleep. boy am i gonna feel it tomorrow when kane wakes me up when he's up.

yup. my little 2 year old wakes me up every morning. who needs an alarm clock! hahaha sometimes (ok most of the time) im so tired that i make him lay/sit/play in bed for an hour or 2 until i can wake up. haha poor baby. love him so much!

my mom is in town and she hasn't driven me crazy yet. getting there though. i can feel it! haha well the snow is finally melting and the weather finally getting a bit warmer. i'm loving it! i can't wait till the snow is fully melted.

my cousin from calgary will be visiting this week. she'll be staying at my place and i cant wait to have some girly time! can't wait to shop! can't wait to chit chat over wine! i missed her.

ok gonna try to go to bed now, gnite!

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  1. If you go to the blogger dashboard, there is a "Comments" tab next to "posting" and the "setting" tabs where you can see all your comments. I have no idea if you can get them emailed. I also agree the whole having to reply via a comment sucks, I like LJ's reply system better.

    Have fun with your family! Seems like everyone is keeping you busy.